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Refashion Series Ep. 10 The overall dress // such an easy refashion but so cute!

Refashion Series Ep. 10 The Overall Dress

Picked up this overall dress at Savers.  I think it was $10 or $12, but it was half off.  I was really excited about its potential!I loved the olive green color because it works beautifully as a neutral.  It just needed a little updating to make it perfect. Alterations: took […]

Refashion Series Ep. 9 // top to skirt

Refashion Series Ep. 9 The Metta Polka Dot Top to Skirt

This refashion is another one that began when I inherited my grandmother’s clothes after she passed over a year ago.  I loved the print and the soft blue color.  However, I felt it wasn’t something I would really wear, so it made for a perfect refashion.  That, and it was […]

How to read a sewing pattern. Wish I would have paid more attention to this when I first started sewing.

How to read a Sewing Pattern

When I first starting sewing, I thought patterns were for pansies. Whenever I did use one, I figured I knew what I was doing, and didn’t bother with the directions or envelope information.  I was a dress size 6, but when I cut the pattern size 6 out, it was […]

Refashion Series Ep. 8 the 80's prom dress refashion. The beautiful beaded fabric is from JOANN.

Refashion Series Ep. 8 // 80’s Prom Dress Refashion

This post is a paid collaboration with JOANN.  All opinions are my own.  It does contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. The moment I saw this dress it was love.  I looked at it the way I look at a sausage Mcmuffins during any of my pregnancies–I […]

Refashion Series // Ep. 7 by Kara Metta . Love all her refashion tutorials and videos.

Refashion Series Ep. 7 The Convertible Bow Top

I wore this dress at Snap conference last year for the ’80s prom party.  I had actually forgotten to bring the dress I wanted to wear, so I ran to Deseret Industries and bought this dress between sessions.  I knew I’d never wear it again, so it made sense to […]

Why you need the Cricut Explore Air 2

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the Ultimate Gift and Here’s Why

People that know me know I’m crazy about my Cricut machines. So naturally, when they consider buying one, they always ask me if it’s really worth it. And I’m here today to tell you that it MOST DEFINITELY IS! To save you the hassle of personally DMing me, let me […]

Refashion Series // Kara Metta . Love all her refashion tutorials and videos.

Refashion Series Episode 6 // The Pom Dress

I’ve had this dress in my refashion stash for so long, I can’t even remember where I got it. It was either a local thrift store or a swap meet. I do remember being excited about it’s potential. The fabric is a lovely neutral that can beautifully pair with a […]

Refashion Series Ep. 5 // The Pom Dress by Kara Metta

Refashion Series Ep. 5 The Metta Hawaiian Dress

Back at it again refashioning on another piece I inherited from my sweet Grandma Metta.  I like to take breaks between refashioning her pieces and thrifted items because it’s so emotional to work with her things.  It’s also a lot more stressful, because making a fatal mistake means one less […]

DIY Fleece Handband--super easy homemade gift, love the "fleece Navidad" pun!

Fleece Navidad–DIY Fleece Headband gifts

This post was made in partnership with JOANN.  All opinions are my own.  There are also affiliate links included at no cost to you. I’ve always been one for a good pun, so when I saw a sweatshirt that had a sheep on it and read “Fleece Navidad,” I was […]

This is a fashion apple watch band?!?! Are you kidding me! How gorgeous is this? I'm so tired of my sporty band my 38mm came with. I need this ASAP, and there's a 20% off promo code on this site.

Fashion Apple Watch Band– a super unique and elegant Christmas idea for her

I love my apple watch, but I feel like the band it came with was way too casual to wear to church or out on a fancy date. On these occasions, I just left the watch at home. At least until my husband and I went on a double date […]

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