DIY: Tulle Skirt Tutorial the Lazy Girl Way

Tulle Skirt tutorial. // While Camden Sleeps
I’m really excited about today’s tulle skirt tutorial.  This just might be the most feminine thing I have ever made and I love it!  I was born with a natural appreciation for tulle.  I remember being 7 and wanting nothing more than a fancy tulle skirt for Christmas.  And let’s not forget the fact that I wore a refashioned tulle wedding dress to my senior prom.  It was big, it was overkill, it was 13 layers of tulle awesomeness.

So imagine how excited I was when tulle skirts came back in full force.  I’ve had this project on my docket for months.  That’s why I immediately asked for tulle when I got a chance to collaborate with Online Fabric Store.    They were nice enough to send me 40 yards of tulle, so be prepared to see lots of it.Tulle skirt tutorial, the lazy girl way. // While Camden Sleeps

I already knew the basic concept of making a circle skirt, but I wanted to do it the laziest…I mean “most efficient” way possible.  I looked over a ton of tutorials, I’ll link to some awesome ones at the end, but none were quite as basic as what I did–which may be an indication that I did something wrong.   Oh well, I like the end result. I think the trick to making this easy is to make sure your bolt of fabric is wide enough that you can cut complete circles instead of having to cut semicircles and stitching them together.  I’m going to share a pictorial of what I did, then add some more details. The basic concept is making a circle skirt, so if you want easy directions on that, I’ve prepared a free downloadable e-book on circle skirts  you can get by clicking below. You’re welcome :)
Click here for your e-book.

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  1. Amazing skirt. I would to be able to make one of these.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. Welcome to California! I’ve lived here my whole life and am looking to move to Utah! haha What is the name of the blouse you are wearing in this picture? I’m trying to find that one exactly. Great skirt!!! Can’t wait to make it!

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  4. I love the skirt. This will be my first solo sewing project. Usually I have Mom over my shoulder.

    I need help. After cutting the top circle should the skirt fit snug around you or should it be a little loose to be connected to the elastic which will be tighter? I messed up and made it too big. I am trying to fix it. Luckily it was the liner I messed up on so I am making a seam but I don’t know how big the waist should be.

    • Kara.muehlmann

      When I did it, it was really large too. I expected it to be fitted and was wondering how it was going to fit over my hips since I sized it for my waist. Don’t worry that it’s bigger. When I pulled my on, if I let go it fell to the floor. The elastic band will make it secure when you sew it on. I think it sounds like you are doing it right. Go ahead and check the other blogs I link to on the bottom of the post for more help. Even though you use your waist as the circumference, keep in mind our bodies aren’t perfect circles, also, knit liners have some stretch to them so they will seem big when pulled on.

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  7. Juliet Amber

    Hi thanks for the toturial, you’re a genius! I want make a skirt that’s floor length would I follow the same steps or have to do it in two parts? Thanks!

    • Kara.muehlmann

      It depends on how tall you are and how long you want it to be. Once you’ve done the math, if the diameter is over 54 inches, you will probably need to do one of two things:
      1. Buy a 108 inch wide fabric (instead of standard 54 inch). This should be wide enough to cut full circles.
      2. But more yards in 54 inch wide fabric. Cut two semi circles for each layer that you sew together at the sides.

  8. Love the skirt! Question..I make tutus for my daughter and the tulle I use is really stiff. So I don’t think it would work for this skirt you made because I don’t think it would lay down properly. Can you tell me from the website that you bought your tulle from, which tulle it was? I just want to make sure a I buy the correct kind. Thanks!!

  9. Anett Simonsen

    I’m making this later today :) it is so easy to make – it’s just a circle skirt with tulle :o)

    you can use this site to help with the measures:

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  11. I have been wanting to make a skirt like this for awhile now! I can’t wait to try.

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  14. I’ve just completed this skirt and I totally love it – can’t stop looking in the mirror. It was the first skirt I ever made and I love it :)

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  17. On the website do I leave it on the “Quarter” selection or what?

    • Kara.muehlmann

      You can do a quarter skirt if you want one that’s not very full. The one in this tutorial is “full.”

  18. Just some quick questions… how many layers of tulle did u do, and did you use the thick tulle or the thin tulle.

  19. Thanks!!!! Also another question. How much tulle for the lining did u do.

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  21. When you attach the elastic to sew, are you flipping it down and sewing it and flipping it back? Or just going right across? I don’t quite see how that stitch is done. I’m so excited to make this!

    • I just go right across by placing the elastic directly on top of the skirt. But I’m sure you could do it the other way if you prefer. Good luck!

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  29. Please forgive my seeming ignorance as I’m sure the answer is quite obvious. (I’m going to chalk it up to it being nearly midnight while I’m trying to envision how to make this skirt as a beginner after wrangling kids all day. :) ) After I calculate how much yardage of tulle I’ll require, I will then need to cut that yardage into individual squares before folding it into quarters and cutting out the waist to make each layer. Is this correct?

    • Hey Amanda,
      No worries! The math and cutting can get really confusing! In short, the answer is yes.

      If you use the link to the By Hand London math generator, the results will tell you how much fabric you need to do ONE layer of the skirt. So you would use that measurement to know how much lining you need to buy. Then buy that same amount for EACH individual layer of tulle based on how many layers of tulle you want. You can multiply it so you can get the tulle cut at the store just once, but at home you would need to cut the tulle into the right length for each layer before folding to cut the circles. So yes, cutting the tulle into large squares first. Let me know if that helps!

  30. It looks so good! Really loving this tutorials.

  31. What if you can’t find a bolt that is wide enough in the tulle?

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