No Heat Curls with Savvy Curls Headbands

No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurls

I was contacted by Savvy Curls to try one of their curling headbands in exchange for a review.  I’ll admit, when I first received it in the mail,  I was a little skeptical. It seemed just like a normal headband, just thicker.  But when I gave it a try, I was so impressed!  It worked so well!  I’ve been using this several times a week now and love it!  I ususally don’t sleep in it because my hair holds curl really well and I don’t need to wear it very long for results, but when I did sleep in it, it was like I wasn’t even wearing anything.  So much more comfortable than any other sleep-in curl method I’ve tried.

Here’s a pictorial to show you how it works.  I have a few tricks that have helped me:

  • Use a claw clip to secure the back of the headband while you wrap around the sections of hair.  Maybe I have a big head, because the band slips off if I don’t secure it.
  • Move the claw clip to hold the wrapped hair from the first side when you start wrapping the hair on the second side.  This prevents the already wrapped hair from getting loose.
  • The flat part of the headband goes in front.
  • Once it’s wrapped, spray with a little water and hairspray.  When it’s dry, you’re likely good to go.

No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurlsI also use my favorite leave in by Aveda right before I wrap my hair (it’s done wonders for my damaged hair).  It gives it a little extra hold and makes my hair feel awesome.

No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurls


I don’t look super cute with the headband in, but I’m comfortable enough in it that I’ll wear it grocery shopping or to the park.

No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurls

I just really love the convenience of it!

No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurls

Want your own?  I’m giving one away on Instagram today!  Or you can buy one from Savvy Curls, use promo code: savvyc1No heat curls!  Using a headband! #savvycurls

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