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Refashion Runway Week 4: Maxi Dress or Skirt and an Apology

Refashion blog.  Great ideas!

This dress…nearly killed me.  At one point, I spent over an hour staring at it before giving up and going to bed.  I tried three different dress refashions before I  finished this.  Oh, and I’m wearing the end result backwards because I ended up liking it better that way.  It gave it a structured/architectural feel. And the lace?  Leftover from this refashion.   I was so stress and time crunched, that I didn’t take a ton of pictures to document the making of this dress.  But I took of the collar, the sleeves, removed the skirt, took down the waistline, reattached the skirt, added a clasp hook near the waist, took in the side seams, and incorporated a lace panel.







Now the Mistake:

I made a mistake this week and accidentally wrote something that people found offensive.  I compared the original dress to a circus tent because of the ruffle at the top and the triangular shape.  That made  people upset because they felt that I meant that bigger sizes were like tents/tarps.  That is absolutely NOT what I meant.  I’m so sorry.  Here’s how the comments worked out, along with my apology, and I have since had that statement about the tent removed:

I’m glad I waited to post this refashion onto my blog until today so I have a chance to apologize and clarify where I’m coming from.  I had Beth remove my original statement that when unedited said, “I think this dress used to be a circus tent.”

A few people have also taken the mention that it’s homemade as an insult.  My original wording, which is still on the refashion runway blog, says, “This dress was homemade,
which I quickly discovered as I began disassembling it. I kind of love that, knowing that someone else worked hard with the same fabric I’m working on.”

I hope people understand that I love that it’s homemade.  Of course I do, most of my own clothes are homemade!  That was not an insult in the least.

maxi4I learned a lot this week and will do better to consider how what I say might affect others.  Hurting people’s feelings is something that haunts me.  I’ve cried about this and have not been able to shake away that negative feeling that I offended people.  I’m not a mean girl, it’s not who I am.  I seriously considered dropping out of this competition, but decided that quitting wouldn’t resolve the issue, so I’m sharing what happened here in my own post.   If I hurt your feelings, I’m terribly sorry.  I was wrong.

Please forgive me,


The person with the lowest votes get kicked out each week, I hope this mistake doesn’t count against me.  If you want to vote, please do so here.






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  1. As someone who knows Kara personally, it just breaks my heart to see her feel so sad. The Internet and print in general leave so much available for personal interpretation, but I can fully and wholeheartedly assure you it was not her intention to make anyone feel hurt. As stunning and beautiful as she is on the outside, she is tenfold more glorious as a person. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and she has a way of making anyone feel more confident in their own skin. How sweet of you, Kara, to truly take the time to be so genuine-you are one of the best people I know!

  2. Rebekah Lindsley

    You are one of the most sincerely sweet people I have ever met. I hope no one ever doubts your motives or makes you feel like a “mean girl” ever again! You are amazing. Don’t let anyone get you down!! Love you Kara! <3

  3. I have no issues with you Kara. I read correctly what you were saying. Nothing you said was offensive to me. I admire your work and your little family. Keep your chin up, you are doing great!

  4. I don’t know you personally, Kara, but when I saw that comment I knew it had to be a misunderstanding. I’ve been following your blog even before we were thrust into this competition together and the way you write and express yourself in your posts always gave me a good vibe about you :) I can’t explain it but sometimes you just “know” a person’s soul and I knew that you meant absolutely no ill-will in your maxi dress tutorial. I’m so sorry it all went down the way it did… I thought your dress turned out really pretty! I loved the lace inset and the architectural elements of it. I’m looking forward to see how you interpreted “Boho Chic.” P.S. I saw your beach cover-up TV segment . Very cool. I will probably be copying it for my trip to Florida next month :)

    • Wow, Laura! That was so kind of you to reach out to me. It means a ton. I really appreciate your kind words. And I’m so excited to see what you came up with this week!

  5. It’s lovely. Homemade is the best!! I used to ask people if they made their clothes and they would get a slightly offended look on their face. But I always quickly told them that I love homemade because it’s unique and special.

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