Refashion Runway Week 5: Boho Chic

The competition is getting really tight! If you like my refashion, please help me out and vote for me HERE.
Thanks a million!

Boho Chic Refashion.  That crop top and skirt started as  a used robe!  Crazy! // While Camden Sleeps

Every item of clothing has a story to tell.  This is especially true for thrifted finds.  As I approached the theme for this week, I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to find a way to make it symbolic.  This feeling became especially strong after I researched “Boho Chic.”  I wasn’t quite sure what that meant (Coachella meets Tiffany’s?), but as I researched a little history I learned that the Bohemian look originated from a region called Bohemia that was located in Czechoslovakia.  It was where many artists and writers lived who shared an unconventional way of life.  The “Chic” part came in later when the Bohemian trend became popular again in the US in the mid 2000s.  But it’s basically the same concept of mixing hippie and Bohemian fashions in a modern way.  With all this info in mind, I set off to find my project.

During this time, I ended up at a swap meet  where I found, oddly enough, a bathrobe.

Boho Chic Refashion

I know that a used bathrobe isn’t something most people are looking for, and I ask you to wait before you write this off.  You see, the fabric of the robe has a beautiful texture.  It immediately caught me eye.  It wasn’t towel-like or absorbent, just a normal woven cotton with an exceptional pattern.  (Because of the intimate nature of robes, I did wash it carefully before wearing it.  I also realized I’d have to work around a few stains.)

The second thing I noticed after the texture was the logo that read, ” Crozer Cancer Center.”  That’s when I realized that this robe had a story to tell too.  Immediately, I began to think of all the people I’ve known who have faced cancer, survived cancer, or have had to struggle with the hardship of watching a loved one go through cancer.

Boho Chic Refashion

And that’s when I got my idea: I wanted to give this robe–this robe that has probably seen some of life’s darkest moments– a rebirth.  I wanted to take this tattered robe and make it something new, something beautiful, something symbolic.

I knew that the robe would need something to embellish it in order to truly be Boho Chic.  That’s why I decided the beautiful dress below would make a great donor.

boho red before1

I  LOVED this dress.  However, when I tried it on, it got stuck.  Real stuck.  Like, should-I-ask-a-stranger-for-help stuck. It was way too small and I heard seams ripping as I finally managed to dance it’s way over my head.  The damage was done and the dress needed some serious TLC.  Luckily, so did the robe.  So it was a match made in heaven.

**I spent a while researching Indian clothing to be sure I wasn’t altering something sacred or deeply symbolic.  I learned that this dress is actually a tunic called a “kurti” and they can be worn for casual and formal occasions.  Anyone can buy them on Amazon.  And the wiki page even told me they were worn regularly in the 60s and 70s as an “element of hippie fashion.”  Score!**

With these two pieces, I was ready!  So I set to work.

…Which was a bit of a challenge because I couldn’t get both of my kids to nap at the same time.  This is what most of my week looked like:

boho baby

Somehow, I managed to finish! As usual, I made the framework of the original item do the work for me.

Boho Chic Refashion

Boho Chic Refashion

Boho Chic Refashion

IMG_0461 IMG_0470 IMG_0479 I also added a kick pleat to the skirt, which is like a slit in that it gives your legs more room to move, but without showing any skin. You can see it in the picture below.

Boho Chic Refashion  // While Camden Sleeps

I was over ambitious and wanted to find a leather jacket to refashion into a vest.  However, all the leather jackets at the thrift store were at least $20, and I found the one below for $3!  Plus it’s leather and by the looks of it, authentically vintage.  I decided to add one the the embellishments from the kurti to make it feel more Bohemian.

Boho Chic Refashion

Finally, I added a gold waistband to the bottom of the original kurti, and used the fabric leftover from the top to make a headband.

Boho Chic Refashion .  This girl created two outfits using a damaged dress and a used bathrobe.  Amazing!And then, I was done!  I’m so happy with it!  I loved that I was able to take the robe from something representing one of life’s challenges, to something symbolizing a new and beautiful beginning.

Boho Chic Refashion  // While Camden Sleeps

I also like that it created two Boho Chic outfits, one more on the chic side, and the other more on the Bohemian side.

boho chic // While Camden Sleeps boho cam and I

Boho chic.  This girl made her outfit from two other pieces.  She has a great refashion/sewing blog.  Check it out!

Boho Chic. Love it! // While Camden Sleeps

The competition is getting really tight! If you like my refashion, please help me out and vote for me HERE.
Thanks a million!


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  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I have loved following you during this contest. You have a great eye, and much creativity. As I have read your words, I also have grown to love your spirit. Your thoughtfulness about wanting to give the robe a new life, and researching the Indian design to make sure that it wasn’t sacred impressed me, as many people wouldn’t have put as much thought into the whole design. No matter what happens in the contest, you have a new fan and blog follower.

    • Lea,
      That was so beautifully written. It means the world to me that you took the time to write that. This competition has been very demanding, but your sweet words have made it worth it.
      Thanks again,


  3. Beautiful!! What a great idea! I hope one day I can sew like this! I’m still on like pillows and stuff like that level. :)

    • Thanks Alicia! If you can sew pillows, you could totally do this! It’s only a few google searches and youtube videos away :)

  4. Hi
    Been following you since the start of the runway challenges. This boho one is outstanding. Well done. Also, how did you do your hair in the before photo with the leather vest?

  5. Fantastic, Kara. I look forward to your refashions every week. Not only is this really well crafted and versatile for several looks… It looks super comfy too ;)

  6. I can’t believe that used to be a ROBE! You’re amazing Kara! I hope you win!!! :)

  7. I’m impressed! What a cute remake of a robe!! I went over and voted for you.

    Came over on SHINE today, and I’m glad to find your site.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

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