I’m Kara.  I love to sew and refashion as my creative outlet.

My sewing machine is not super fancy.  In fact, it was $80 from Walmart.  That link is for the exact one I have that I have used for every single sewing project on this site.

However, if you are about to buy a sewing machine, it currently looks like this is a better deal from Walmart. It’s the same company, but costs less and has more stitches and higher ratings.

About Me, Personally:

I got married in 2009 and then graduated from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education.  I taught 4th grade for a year and I loved it.  While teaching I became pregnant with my son, Camden, born in June of 2012.  After he was born I found myself with lots of free time so I turned to sewing–a hobby my mom introduced me to around the age of 7.  This blog is the result of that hobby. In 2014, we welcomed out second son.

You my contact me at whilecamdensleeps@gmail.com