Refashion Series Ep. 10 The overall dress // such an easy refashion but so cute!

Refashion Series Ep. 10 The Overall Dress

Picked up this overall dress at Savers.  I think it was $10 or $12, but it was half off.  I was really excited about its potential!I loved the olive green color because it works beautifully as a neutral.  It just needed a little updating to make it perfect. Alterations: took […]

Refashion Series Ep. 9 // top to skirt

Refashion Series Ep. 9 The Metta Polka Dot Top to Skirt

This refashion is another one that began when I inherited my grandmother’s clothes after she passed over a year ago.  I loved the print and the soft blue color.  However, I felt it wasn’t something I would really wear, so it made for a perfect refashion.  That, and it was […]

Refashion Series Ep. 8 the 80's prom dress refashion. The beautiful beaded fabric is from JOANN.

Refashion Series Ep. 8 // 80’s Prom Dress Refashion

This post is a paid collaboration with JOANN.  All opinions are my own.  It does contain affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. The moment I saw this dress it was love.  I looked at it the way I look at a sausage Mcmuffins during any of my pregnancies–I […]

Refashion Series // Ep. 7 by Kara Metta . Love all her refashion tutorials and videos.

Refashion Series Ep. 7 The Convertible Bow Top

I wore this dress at Snap conference last year for the ’80s prom party.  I had actually forgotten to bring the dress I wanted to wear, so I ran to Deseret Industries and bought this dress between sessions.  I knew I’d never wear it again, so it made sense to […]

Refashion Series // Kara Metta . Love all her refashion tutorials and videos.

Refashion Series Episode 6 // The Pom Dress

I’ve had this dress in my refashion stash for so long, I can’t even remember where I got it. It was either a local thrift store or a swap meet. I do remember being excited about it’s potential. The fabric is a lovely neutral that can beautifully pair with a […]

Refashion Series Ep. 5 // The Pom Dress by Kara Metta

Refashion Series Ep. 5 The Metta Hawaiian Dress

Back at it again refashioning on another piece I inherited from my sweet Grandma Metta.  I like to take breaks between refashioning her pieces and thrifted items because it’s so emotional to work with her things.  It’s also a lot more stressful, because making a fatal mistake means one less […]

DIY embellished jean vest. #handmadewithjoann

DIY Embellished Jean Vest

I recently came across this jean jacket at Deseret Industries.  I thought it looked super cute…until I tried it on.  The sleeves, you guys, the sleeves.  They looked 100% outrageous on me because they puffed up too high on the shoulders.  While I think princess sleeves can look beautiful on […]

Refashion Series. Look what she did with that trench coat!

Refashion Series Episode 4: The Metta Trench

I am so excited to finally share the refashion of my grandmother’s trench coat. Some of you may remember that I inherited my grandma Metta’s clothes when she passed away last year. I already refashioned one of her dresses and one of her sweaters. This coat is extra special to […]

Refashion Series ep. 2 The baseball Tee

Refashion Series Ep: 2 The Baseball Tee

This sweater is another fun piece I inherited from my grandmother.  I immediately fell in love with the print and the soft velvety texture of the fabric.  Using one of my own baseball tees, I created a pattern that allowed me to transform this sweater into a trendy new baseball […]

Refashion Series ep. 1 The Metta Dress

Refashion Series: Ep.1 “The Metta Dress”

When my grandmother passed recently, I learned that they were going to send all of her clothes to the DI.  I immediately asked if I could go through them first and I’m so glad I did!  There were many pieces that were already wearable, some of the others were perfect […]

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