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Embroidered dress from Cleo Madison.

Baby #3

We’re having ANOTHER BOY this November! We’re pretty pumped about it around these parts (though we do hope to have a girl someday). I’m so excited to watch our family grow and see how this baby plays into our family dynamic. After a few struggles with staying pregnant earlier this […]

McCall's Pattern 7417 Review

Get this Swim Pattern for $1.99!

Back in February, I posted the picture above on Instagram showing off a new swimsuit I made using McCall’s Pattern M7417. I’m sharing the final project on my blog today because this pattern, along with almost every in-print McCall Pattern, is on sale on their website today for just $1.99! […]

Cents of Style Graphic Tee sale!

Fashion Friday with Cents of Style

I remember the first time I returned to the hospital to visit my first son, Camden.  He was in the NICU, which meant that I had to go home without him.  I was a complete mess.  On this visit, I was all alone as my husband had returned to work. […]

Refashion Series ep. 2 The baseball Tee

Refashion Series Ep: 2 The Baseball Tee

This sweater is another fun piece I inherited from my grandmother.  I immediately fell in love with the print and the soft velvety texture of the fabric.  Using one of my own baseball tees, I created a pattern that allowed me to transform this sweater into a trendy new baseball […]

Refashion Series ep. 1 The Metta Dress

Refashion Series: Ep.1 “The Metta Dress”

When my grandmother passed recently, I learned that they were going to send all of her clothes to the DI.  I immediately asked if I could go through them first and I’m so glad I did!  There were many pieces that were already wearable, some of the others were perfect […]

DIY Suede Choker

DIY Suede Chokers

I’ve been seeing suede chokers everywhere lately and I knew immediately that these would not only be easy to make, but would cost less to make than to buy–which isn’t always the case for crafts these days. I got most of my supplies at Walmart and whipped these all up in […]

DIY Temporary Hair Color! Coats the hair so it works on all colors, looks great, and washes out completely on the first wash. Where has this been all my life? Ion Airbrush Tint for the win!

DIY Temporary Hair Color

Fun Fact: I have two different shades of semi-permanent pink hair color in my stash that I’ve never been brave enough to actually use.  After months of staring at them, I realized I needed to go a more temporary route.  When I saw that Ion had released a new hair […]

Transitional Maternity Pieces from Pink Blush

Transitional Pieces from Pink Blush

Disclaimer:  That is TOTALLY a fake bump (if that wasn’t obvious). I really have to hand it to Pink Blush for making clothes that look cute whether you are rocking a big belly or not.  I got a few items from them back when I was pregnant with baby #2. […]

At home Brazilian Blowout / Keratin Treatment you can do yourself and can purchase from Amazon. Seriously, my hair has never been softer.

DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Last winter my kids were constantly sick.  Seriously.  I never left my house, and when I did, I was a hot mess.  My hair was pretty much one giant sad snarl of fluff.  I’m pretty low maintenance, so I started researching my options of what could make my hair look […]

Shaping and waxing your eyebrows at home.

How to Wax Your Eyebrows at Home

(Please note the “after” is immediately after removing the wax, which is why the pencil isn’t blended and the skin is a little red.) The first time I ever shaped by eyebrows I was in 7th grade. My mom whipped out some eyeliner and traced where my eyebrows should be. […]

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