Awesome no sew bow tie tutorial.

As much as I love sewing, I sometimes need a break.  As promised from the previous post, Blazers and Bow Ties, I have found a great, easy way to make your own bow ties.  These can be used for your little guy’s Sunday clothes, baby shower gifts, hair accessories, or even simply attached to a cute sweater.

Here’s what you will need:

Hot glue gun, flat iron or normal iron, scissors, fishing string, hair pin, fabric, measuring tape (optional)

You can use any fabric of your choosing, but I recommend thicker upholstery fabric because it holds better.  I got the fabric above in the discount bin at The Cotton Shop in Provo.  It was about $2.00.

The first step is to cut the main piece for your bow tie.  There is a lot of flexibility in how large you cut it.  I have played around with it quite a bit, but find that 7 inches by 4 inches works quite well.  For this project, I chose to make a green bow tie.

Cut fabric about 7 inches by 4 inches.
Then you will fold in the sides until they meet in the middle, hot dog style.  You will then flat iron the crease so that the fabric stays.
Flat iron to keep fabric neatly folded.

Then, hot glue the fabric in place to maintain the new fold you have created.

Now you are going to repeat the same steps, this time using a hamburger fold.

This will result in a rectangle.  To make the bow shape, take fishing string and securely tie the center until it bunches.  Do several knots to make it sturdy.
Almost there!

Now all you need is to make the center piece.  I made mine 2 inches by 6 inches, but found that it was a little too long.

 Like  you did with the main piece, fold in the sides hot dog style, flat iron, and hot glue.

Careful not to burn yourself when you press the fabric down, sometimes the heat can burn you through the fabric.

Next, place the end of your center on the back of the main piece and secure with glue.

Once the glue has dried, tightly wrap the middle all the way around until it meets with the back.

Open the hair pin and place it on the band.  Glue the back side to the bow.  I like to use a little extra glue to secure the head of the pin to the bow as well.
 (Note:  I made a little mistake in that I glued the pin on backwards.  You want the end with the open prongs to be on the outside to it can easily be clipped onto a button.  Because of this, I just clipped it through the button hole instead, but it made the bow a little uneven since the button could not be secured.)
Trim off the excess fabric.
And Enjoy!
(Pictures are blurry because someone couldn’t stay still)
This red one might be my favorite that I have made:
No sew bow tie tutorial.  So easy!
Blue shirt, Savers $3 or $4
I have also made a few bow ties from scraps of clothes I have made myself.  You might remember my Mint Refashion.  I used a left over piece to create this bow tie for Camden.  I love that we can coordinate now!
Camden’s Wardrobe:
Shirt: Savers $3
Vest: Savers $2
Bow Ties: Made by me!