The Hideous Dress Returns…

After posting about how I made the skirt above, my dear friend, Amy, dared me to wear the ugly top to church.  I was planning on throwing it away, but thought the challenge would be hilarious so I accepted.

Sunday morning I decided to throw the top on backwards and was amazed…

Which brings me to showing you my easiest refashion ever:
1. Remove bodice from skirt.
2. Put bodice on backwards.
3. Style and enjoy.

No really.  That’s all I did.

Look how it turned out:

*Please ignore the horrible self-tanner lines.  Won’t be using that brand again.

I spent 50 cents on the original dress and have now made two more clothing items out of it.  That makes this shirt 25 cents, and the skirt I made only 25 cents as well.  Wahoo!

Outfit details:
Shirt: refashioned 25 cents
Skirt: garage sale 10 cents (seriously!)
Shoes: Head over Heals, Provo Towne Center, $8
Necklace: Gift from my mom from Sam Moons, forgot price.

Everything but the necklace adds up to $8.35.  Success.

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  1. This is a gorgeous color. I just love this shade of blue. And it looks wonderful on you!

  2. This is really awesome. I am inspired, maybe I may have to pay DI a visit..

  3. This is really impressive! Who knew 1 ugly dress could = 1 super cute skirt and 1 super cute blouse. ;)

    Style of One’s Own

  4. Wow! I love both pieces! I only wish things like this happened to me. I mean, you can’t beat 50 cents.

  5. Wow! Such a creative idea! I can’t believe you have a full outfit for under $10! Darling. Xo

  6. I feel like styling is all about seeing the potential in something. Way to make it work!

    Colour Me Classic

  7. Kara, how am I just now seeing this post?!?!?! I’m so glad you took my dare because you were(are) a BABE in your fun creations :) Next time I go to DI or Savers you need to come with me; my sense of style needs a Kara-style makeover. Truth.

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