I was really excited when I found some stretchy knit fabric in the remnant section of the fabric store.  I was even more excited when I found matching stretchy lace there too.  I immediately knew I wanted to make a cream lace skirt.  You may have seen the other lace skirt I have.  I love that skirt!  The problem is that Camden always tangles his fingers in the large crochet holes and yanks them.  I’m not sure how much longer that skirt will survive, so I decided to make replacement.
The best part about this skirt is that the stretchy factor makes it extremely versatile.  As you can see, it fits me at 5’9″, Jennifer who is over 8 months pregnant, and Annie who is 5’3.  Of course, the length looks different on all of us, but the stretch factor makes it fit all of us.  Plus the neutral color makes it easy to wear with most of the items found in anyone’s closet.

DIY Stretchy Lace Skirt

1. I used a well-fitting skirt like a pattern.  I fold my knit fabric in half so I would only have to cut once.  Laying the skirt on the fabric, I carefully pinned it in place, then cut around it adding about 1/2 to 3/4 inch around all of the sides to allow for seams.  I also made it a little longer.
2. Repeat the same step with the lace fabric, this time I used the freshly cut knit fabric as my pattern.  That way I could make the overlay just a little bigger so it would easily flow over the knit underlay.  Make sure that you cut your pattern so that the stretchiest part of the fabric is horizontal.  You’ll need it to be stretchy across your hips, not lengthwise.  This ensures that it will have a versatile fit.  If you lace is equally stretchy both ways, this doesn’t matter.
3.  Next, I made the waist band with the knit fabric.  I wanted it to stand out a little from the lace overlay so I didn’t make it with the lace too.  I just measured my waist, added 2-3 inches, and cut a straight rectangle.  I then folded it in half longways over my elastic band and sewed.
4. Now you will sew the side seams on both the overlay and the underlay.  Simply pin both pieces of the knit skirt along the sides, and sew both side seams.  Then do the same on the lace skirt.  You may want to use a zigzag stitch to allow some stretch in the seams.
5.  The next step is to sew the overlay and underlay together at the top.  Make sure to align the side seams of each skirt the best you can, and that they are both inside out or both right side out.  I just did a baste stitch around the very top to keep both layers neatly together so I could easily attach the waistband.
6. Add the waistband by pinning the excess fabric under your waistband to the very top of your skirt.  Don’t forget to sew your elastic together!
Pinning the waist band to the top of the skirt. (Waistband view when inside out.)
Using a zigzag seam to finsih the waistband.
The view of the waistband when right side out.

7.  Carefully pin and hem the bottom of the knit skirt.  Repeat on the bottom of the lace skirt. I left my lace overlay just a little longer than the knit underlay.

8.  Enjoy!