Every 2-4 months I go through all my clothes and find piles of stuff I don’t wear anymore that I give away.  I feel like things come in and out of style so fast, it’s hard to keep up.  I want to buy stuff that will last, that’s versatile, and comfortable.  So I have started on a little quest to find or make clothing that matches that criteria and the refashion I have today fits just that.

It all began with a huge shirt from Savers that I purchased for $1.00.
It ended up as one of my new favorite things to wear. 
Just check out the options!
This girl takes thrifted or old clothing items and gives them modern makeovers.

Eight Great Ways to Wear it:

1. As a long tunic for summer with shorts or skinny jeans.
2. As a long tunic for fall with a scarf, boots, a belt, and leggings.
3. Tied up as a layering shirt.
4. As a maternity shirt (Yes, I did stuff my belly for the picture above.  That was definitely a first.)
5. Tucked into a skirt with a high waist.
6. As a shirt with a thick belt to create an hourglass shape.
7. Layered under a cardigan.  
8. Worn unbuttoned like a vest, with a belt.



1. Remove sleeves.  I just cut them right off where they connected with the shoulders.
2. Take in the side seams.  I took it in about 2 inches toward the top, then tapered down to about 1 cm on the bottom.
3. Hem where the sleeves were removed.
4. Optional–cinched the new sleeves to make them lay flatter against the arm.

Lace and chambray outfit


Simple way to refashion a large mens shirt


Lace skirt: Burlington Coat factory (gone), similar, creme from Blue vanilla / black here from pacsun
Top: refashioned, buy similar from Anthropologie or Shopbop, or cheaper from Delias
Nude Heels: From Head over Heels in Provo Towne Center, similar from Just Fab
Black Skinny Jeans: thrifted, originally from AE, similar from American Eagle
Neon and Tan flip flops: Seychelles
Coral Cardigan: old from BP, similar from River Island