If you are a follower of Brassy Apple, you may have already seen this refashion a few weeks ago.  Today is my day to share it.

This little refashion that began at an estate sale.  I’m not usually a fan of estate sales seeing as how, in general, someone literally has to die in order to have one.  But this one caught my eye, and from the looks of it, the estate had belonged to an elderly couple who had passed away.  I got this little gem at the sale for a quarter.  After working with it, I believe it was homemade as it wasn’t made with a serger, and had no tags.  It was fun to reincarnate this old piece that someone else had already put some handiwork into.  Somewhere in heaven, a cute, old little lady is looking down and smiling.  At least I hope so…

Here’s what I started and finished with.

The first thing I needed was a little inspiration.  I showed my friend, Heidi, the dress and she suggested making a blouse.   I went with that idea and began pinning blouses I like.  

Here’s what I did during the operation, after washing it, of course.

1. Took in the seams to reduce bagginess in the sides and sleeves. I am pointing to the new seam above.
2. Very neatly cut off the cuffs. Just kidding.  I pretty much ripped them off.
3. To create the rolled sleeves, I rolled the sleeve up once, and then once more to hide the unfinished edge.  I then sewed  where the pink line indicates above.  That seam is underneath the elbow where it is not very noticeable.

4. To create the rounded hem, I drew the ideal line with a fabric pencil just on half of the front (white line).  I then folded it in half and cut along the traced line to make it perfectly even.  From here, I pinned, pressed, and them hemmed the new bottom.  I repeated this process for the back as well, except when I drew the line, I added a few inches of length first.

5. Finally, I created a pocket using a fragment from the original hem of the dress.
And, voila!