Hello! Today I’m going to share a refashion I did with paint that I originally wrote for brassyapple.com. 

Sometimes I get weird ideas and just run with them.  This was certainly one of them.
I got this white blouse from a yard sale held by the Orem High Ballroom Dance Team.  It was 50 cents.  I immediately knew that I wanted to experiment with it by painting the trim black.  Over that last few months,  the trend for black piping on blouses has been growing.  Here are a few examples.

I’m a little crazy, and a little cheap, so instead of buying fabric paint, I whipped out some paint my husband and I had used to paint a dresser black.  This paint was really thick and gave the fabric an almost vinyl feel.  It looked a little like faux leather.  I would recommend that you get actual fabric paint if you decide to do this, just to be safe.

The first thing I did was tape off the blouse like you tape off walls when you paint them.  You want to make the tape lines as straight as possible to make the paint lines crisp and clean.
Taping off my lines for painting.

Once everything it taped, paint!  And when it’s dry, you’re done!  Easy as that!

After paint has dried, before removing tape.

Removing tape to reveal straight line on left.

After everything was painted, I took in the side seams and the sleeves to give the shirt a more fitted feel.

And voila…


Excuse the blue tint in the second photo. It’s the only filter that made the details bright enough.