Normally when I refashion things, I tend to take them in to fit me.  I have a tendency to think that more fabric means more possibilities.  Today’s refashion, however, is different.  I began with a skirt I bought from a Down East sale for $5.  I loved the artsy feel and the plethora of colors.  The problem was that the only size I could find it in was an extra small.  I am not an extra small.  See my dilemma?

So I threw it in my closet thinking that I would refashion it one day.

A year passed away.

And then another one.

And finally the time came for Michael and I to move.  As I was packing, I rediscovered this beauty.  It taunted me.  It seemed to say, “I’m super cute but you’ll never wear me because I don’t fit and you’ll never get around to refashioning me.”

Well, Skirt, I’m here to prove you wrong.

This was a simple refashion.  All I did was add panels on each side to give it the additional sizing it needed.  To do this, I used a seam ripper to separate the side seams on both sides.  I also had to remove the lining, so I now have to wear the skirt with a slip, but at least I can actually wear it!

I measured and sewed a new cotton panel on each side. Then, I hemmed the panels to match the original skirt at the waistline and at the hem.  The hardest part was working around the pockets and zipper.  I did have to slightly pleat the panels at the top because I made them too wide, but overall, I’m quite pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, the pictures I took while doing this refashion were deleted during the moving process.  Sorry!

For more examples of skirts with side panels, click here.  It is in fashion.  I promise.

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