Tutorial on how to tint your eyelashes at home.

Eyelash Tinting

Tinting eyelashes at a salon can run you around $30, but learn to do it yourself and you can get it done for next to nothing.

Tinting does not add thickness or length like mascara does.  It does, however, add color to light eyelashes making them more apparent without makeup.

A tint can last up to 6 weeks, though I usually do it every 4 to get new growth and darken the color.

I’m not a professional, but honestly, if you can apply mascara, you can tint your eyelashes.

The product I use, Refectocil, is not recommended for lash tinting in the US.  However, it is sold in other countries solely as a lash tint.  For example, check out this UK Amazon listing for Refectocil.  I think someone probably did something stupid with it years ago and now it is not sold as lash tint here.  Read the reviews here and here to help you decide whether or not you feel comfortable using it.

I use Refectocil Creme Hair Dye in Blue Black.  It will run you about $15, but will last forever.  I like to use the blue/black because I think its more of an intense black.  If you want to use it for brow tinting though, you will obviously want to get a more natural color like natural brown.

Refectocil has its own developer that is quite pricey.  I already had some of my Godefroy developer on hand, so I used that.  Some reviews on amazon state that the Refectocil developer is just volume 10 developer like you can get a Sally’s for less than $2.  I’m not sure how safe that is, so I would just get their developer.  

How to Tint Eyelahses Using Refectocil

1. Start off with a clean face.

Apply vaseline on the skin around the eyelashes to prevent the tint from depositing color there.

2. Mix equal parts of Refectocil Creme Hair Color and Developer.

 I like to use a contact case or lid as my mixing bowl.

3.  Apply the mixture with an old mascara wand.

Because my eyelashes are so blonde, I usually get close to the root.  Be careful though because it will sting when it gets in the eyes.  You can do both eyes at the same time, but for your first time it might be wise to process each eye separately.

4.  Once coated, leave the tint on for up to 10 minutes.

I usually rinse mine around 6 or 7 minutes because that’s when it starts to sting a little.  It’s good to set a timer and lie down during processing time.

5. Rinse and reveal your new lashes.