You may have seen this already as a guest post on  Today I’m going to share it on here!

This summer I found a beautiful frame at a garage sale.  The owners were asking for $10, but I bartered them down to $5–which was a pretty good deal considering the original price tag read $79.99.

As you may know, we recently moved.  We needed something large to hang above our fire place.  I immediately knew it was time to upcycle this little beauty.

To begin, I used an exacto knife to open up the paper backing so I could remove the original artwork.

I then used a butter knife to remove the staples holding the canvas in place.

Once the canvas was out, I wiped down the frame with a wet rag and then thoroughly dried it.
I used Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in white. It is both a primer and a paint in one.
After the first and second coats.

I ordered an engineer print from Staples to go in the frame.  These are a steal!  Mine was a little less than $4; and if your photo is high quality, the print will look great.  I ordered mine a little bigger than the original canvas so I could wrap it around the original and simply tape it on.

My engineer print wrapped around the back of the original canvas.
This is was the back of my frame looks like now.

I used a few staples and some tape to secure the new image into the frame.

And voila:
I am so happy with it!
With the spray paint the total cost was just under $15.