Tutorial on how to do your own eyelash extensions at home.  Easier than you might think.
If you have ever paid for professional eyelash extensions you know that you are usually out at least $100 and 2 hours of your life.  After experimenting with different false eyelashes, I found a great way to mimic the look at home.  The total cost for the supplies is about $30, but they will last you through several applications.  I use basic eyelash adhesive for individual eyelashes.   It will last you about a week depending on how careful you are with your eyelashes.  This is safe to do at home because we aren’t using any of the professional extension chemicals that can be hazardous in the wrong hands.
What you need:
I got these on amazon and love them.
I always get clear instead of black because it’s more user-friendly.
You’ll definitely want these to help you apply the tiny lashes. The link is to a great pair on amazon, but I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply on sale for 59 cents.
Don’t skip on this!  It’s the only way to remove the false eyelashes gently and without damaging your natural lashes.
Let’s begin!
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