DIY Temporary Eyelash Extensions

1.  Start off with clean eyelashes.

 I usually tint mine black beforehand so they blend better with the false lashes.  To see how to do this, check out this tutorial.  In the picture above, I accidentally got some foundation on my eyelashes.

2.  Pour a drop of adhesive onto some foil or any surface you don’t care about.

Unlike strip adhesive, you don’t need to wait for this glue to become tacky.  You can use it right away.  Once it starts to get tacky, pour some more out.

3.  Apply false eyelash.

Gently remove an eyelash using your tweezers.  Dip it in the adhesive and apply it to your eyelashes.
I recommend using a compact mirror and looking down into it so you can see where to place the eyelash.

4. Continue to apply eyelashes until you are satisfied.

Sometimes I only apply eyelashes to the outer corners of my eyes to elongate them.  Other times I go all out so I don’t have to worry about mascara.
Here’s what it looks like after the first one.
Additional tips:
  • Don’t get discouraged!  It does take practice
  • Expect your first time to take between 30-45 minutes if you are doing full lashes
  • Swap with a friend and apply it on each other for more precision
  • If you only want to do a few, you can blend the falsies with your natural lashes with mascara.  I recommend this one.
  • Use makeup remover wipes to clean your face so you can avoid irritating your eyelashes.
  • Put shorter eyelashes on your inner lashes and gradually make them longer as you reach the outer corners.
  • Alternate applying lashes to each eye.  This gives each lash more time to set without being moved by another lash.
  • If you can’t keep your eyelid still when you close your eye, this may not be very fun for you.
Great tutorial on how to do your own eyelash extensions at home.
My eye after I applied the extensions.  No mascara.
If you you want to try something more user-friendly, you can start with individual eyelash clusters instead.  They will get your lashes fuller faster, and only look slightly less natural.  They are also cheaper. Here’s what they look like on my friend.
Top left, before.  All others, after.
To Remove Individual False Eyelashes:
Put a little on the remover on your thumb and pointer finger and gently massage it into the lashes. It will take a minute or two for it to weaken the adhesive.  Then you can start to softly remove the lashes.
Let me know how it goes if you do it!
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