Fixing the Gap

Know that awkward gap you sometimes get with pants?  This post explains how to fix it in less than 30 minutes.  Tons of great diy ideas on this blog. // While Camden Sleeps

I kind of hate wearing pants.  They just aren’t that comfortable.  Especially girls’ jeans because they are always supposed to fit super snug which just doesn’t put them in the realms of comfort.

That’s why I was so excited when I came across these super soft cargo pants.  Being a blend of cotton and polyester they felt like pajamas, but still looked like real pants, as opposed to say, pajama jeans.

The only problem was the sizing.  I’m not proportional to a specific size.  My waist is usually little smaller in proportion to my hips.  This means that when I find pants that fit my hips well, they usually are too large on my waist. I often end up being able to pull my pants off without having to unbutton them.  This excess fabric tends to give me a huge gap around the waistband like so.

Fixing that awkward gap when the waist is too big, but the hips fit well. // While Camden Sleeps
Luckily, this is a relatively easy fix. For the directions, please click “Next.”
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  1. Great idea! I have a hard time getting a good fits and have this gap issue a lot. I like to take my good slacks to a tailor but this is a great and EASY looking fix for my shorts and cheaper pants.

  2. Hot shoes and i have a grandson that is names Camden

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  4. Just go to Old Navy and buy their GREAT “gap fixer” its $s about $8 and fits on the back of your pants. It is elastic and stretches and clamps onto the 2 side belt loops. I don’t leave home without it!!!

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  6. I’ve been doing this since high school. Great trick, but for me the darts work better closer to the center of the back, in these pants it would be near the center of the back pockets (just for placement). Because of this I generally don’t buy pants or jeans with back pockets. It does work well with lighter weight fabrics or stretch type jeans.

  7. Hi Kara
    I enjoy reading your blog, its so useful. Thsnks for sharing. Bless you!


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  9. message pour mimi qu’est ce qu’un gap fixateur ; moi je suis en France et je ne connais pas cela ?



    • Martine,
      Je suis désolé, mon français n’est pas bon. Le “gap” est l’espace supplémentaire sur le pantalon autour de la taille.

  10. Easy fix to an annoying problem I have with pants. I am short with a small waist but more curvy bottom and thigh. I buy the next size up because I don’t like having panty lines show but that means a gaping waistband. I’ve been using belts but they make the waistline pucker and look bad. So glad I found your post!

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