How to fix the awkward gap on pants that are a little too big

Let’s get started.


1. Put pants on inside-out.

2. Pinch both side seams in with your fingers until you have the fit you want.

 Place pins here.  Make sure the point of the pin is facing up so it doesn’t stab you when you remove your pants.

3. Sew a dart where the sides are pinned. 
Be careful to make your dart gradually blend into the original seam.  These pants had a french seam, so there is a little difference that can be seen where I took them in.  However, no one is ever going to notice it.
How to fix pants that are too big in the waistband. Super easy.
Please excuse the awkwardness of this shot :)


4. Put pants on right side out!
Are you kidding me? This is all you have to do to fix pants that are too big in the waist.

Enjoy not having to hold your pants up!  Bend with confidence my friends!

*Note, you can do this with denim, but it will be harder due to the thickness.  I would get a denim needle.

Until next time,


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