Golden Deals

I’m always on the hunt for some good deals.  Everything below is under 10 bucks, most of it is under $5! The items below I personally own and recommend.

It looks like I might have a slight affinity for gold.

Most of the items I got on Ebay and were shipped from China.  The shipping was free for all of them.  The eyeshadow I picked up at Sally’s for less than a dollar.

Statement Necklace $4.50

Peter Pan Collar Shirt (long sleeves) $8.65

Gold Mirror Belt $4.39
You may have seen it in this red carpet dress post.

Gold Skinny Belt $1.79

Gold Riddins Eyeshadow $0.99

When ordering from China, expect to wait longer for shipping and know that clothing runs extremely small.  Be sure to read their sizing chart.

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  1. Thanks Kara!!! I bought some of those skinny belts. I can’t believe you found such a good deal:) I am way excited!!!

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