I got this skirt at Savers for $2.
I loved the color and gingham pattern that made it the perfect neutral skirt.
I hated that it was way too big and outdated.  It was constructed to sit below the natural waist and had awkward belt loops connected with buttons.  Thankfully, these were all easy fixes!
 I was very lucky because this skirt had about 4 extra inches tucked away in the original hem.  I took it down and gave myself a longer skirt because I knew I wanted the waistband to sit on my natural waist.
I wanted the skirt to be streamlined, so I used a seam ripper to remove the buttons, then I carefully snipped off the top of the loops.  It ended up working so well, that I didn’t have to do anything else to get rid of the belt loops.
This skirt had a side zipper which helped me decide to take it in along the back seam.
If you wish to do this yourself, put your skirt on inside-out and determine where you want the new back seam to be by pinching it in until it fits snugly. I wanted the waistband to sit on my natural waist, so I held the skirt up to my natural waist when I did this. Remember that your backside curves, so be sure to have the new seam gently curve as well.  Here’s mine.
how to take in a large skirt yourself
Here the skirt is folded abnormally in order to better show the new seam placement.  It is folded through the center of the front and the back, rather than from side to side.  It’s also inside-out.
Finally, I gave it a quick iron, and viola!

Skirt: Savers $2
Sunglasses: Dollartree