One day in fourth grade I woke up far too late. 
 I threw on the only clothes I could find which were, unfortunately, a tie up shirt and some hand-me-down overalls.  
I tried to curl my bangs, but accidentally curled them the wrong way so they resembled a half pipe.  
I couldn’t get them to curl the right way after, so I gave up and went for the headband.  
Once at school, I was reminded that it was picture day.  Oh great.  
During the pictures I thought I would make myself more attractive by giving myself a bigger smile.  I seriously remember thinking this.  But inside of smiling bigger, I rolled in my lips so more of my crooked pre-braces teeth would shine in all their glory.  That’s how I got this:
A bad hair day that will never be forgotten. 
 Luckily, those were easier times back then and I didn’t even care to get retakes.  However, as I have grown, I have learned the agony that can come from being short on time and dreading the infamous “bad hair day.”  
Because of this, I’m here to share with you one of the simplest ways to avoid a bad hair day–dry shampoo.
I keep hearing people recommend different brands of expensive dry shampoo or crazy concoctions of how to make it at home.  LET’S BE REAL PEOPLE.  All you need is a big carton of baby powder straight from the dollar store.  It should run you, well, a dollar.  
It’s great because, unlike using an aerosol dry shampoo, you don’t have to wait for it to dry.  You just apply and go. 
This does work best for blondes because it it white, though I’ve heard adding cocoa powder makes it suitable for brunettes.

Here’s a tutorial of how I use it.

I should note that my hair was not only dirty in the first picture, but I added a crap load of shine spray to make the results more dramatic.

Baby powder is essentially corn starch with fragrance.  You can use corn starch if you are in a bind.  I have totally done that before, it just doesn’t smell as nice and is harder to apply because you cannot puff it out of the bottle.
I warn you against turing the bottle upside down when you apply the baby power, it will give you way too much product.  Just gently puff it on while holding bottle vertically or slightly angled.