I know there are a ton of posts out there about ways to decorate a mason jar; but I just couldn’t help myself.  Here’s my own take.

I created this diagram to show you the different steps.  It was really easy.

DIY Gold Dipped Mason Jar

You will need:
  • a mason jar
  • spray paint
  • paint for interior
  • painters tape/ masking tape
  • aluminum foil/ saran wrap
  • hemp and a hot glue gone (optional)
1. Start out with clean jar.
2. Use painters tape to section off the part that will be “gold dipped.”
3. Cover the rest of the jar to prevent spray paint from getting on it.  I used aluminum foil.
4. Spray paint the bottom and wait for it to dry.  I used Rustoleum, it took about 15 minutes to dry.
5. Pour white paint into the jar and spread around evenly.  I used a paint brush to help me.  This is the longest part because it takes forever to dry.
6. (optional)  I hot glued some hemp around the top for a more rustic feel.
7.  Display!  I filled my jar with some white flowers from the dollar store.
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