Hey Friends!
On a recent trip to Dollar Tree, one of my favorite places on earth, I was ecstatic to find some plain sun hats.  Crafting can be an expensive hobby, so when you find something craftable for a dollar, you have to jump on it.
I made like a teenage rebel and headed straight for the spray paint.  I’m incredibly impressed with how well the hat took the spray paint.  It produced thick, even coverage and  I highly recommend it.
I used Krylon ColorMaster Metallic in Gold, I got it at Walmart for just over $3.  However, you cannot buy a single can from Walmart online, so the link is to amazon. 

Spray Painted Sunhat Tutorial

First, I looked around for some design inspiration, and I settled on this one by Ivanka Trump that costs about $35.  I decided to go with one golden band, rather than two.
Here’s what my hat looked like to begin with

I then used the woven bands as my guide, and marked the trim carefully with painters tape.
Once the trim was carefully marked, I protected the rest of the hat with some aluminum foil and additional painters tape.  Here’s what it looked like after the first coat of paint.  That’s all I needed because the paint worked so well. 
It only took 15 minutes to dry and was ready to go!
I think I’ve found a new best friend in this spray paint.  Look for it in some future projects as well!

Until next time,