After chopping off 8 inches of hair in February, I thought some extensions could be fun.  I got a set from Sara at Sweet Extensions, here’s how I wear them.
You don’t have to have just one hair color to make it blend.  As you can tell from the pictures, I have woven highlights on the top of my head, and ombre on the bottom.  A weird combination, but I’m gradually transitioning to a soft balayage-ombre.  I thought all these different colors on my head would make it hard to blend, but once applied and styled, I was stunned with how natural they looked.
Extensions are from Sweet Extensions. I got the 20 inch Remy, 160 grams, 10 piece, in Sara’s Blonde, which matched perfectly after being toned with purple shampoo (I’ll post about that later).
I highly recommend this company.  It’s the best product with the highest quality of Remy hair for a great price.  It contains more extensions than I actually use, you won’t need anymore!
If you aren’t sure what color to get, you can send email with a picture of you to and they will recommend the best color for your hair.  
The owner is also a huge youtuber and has tons of information about her hair extensions on her channel.
Comparable sets go for can go for up to $250, these are only $140.
I’ve tried several other brands in the past and have even bought wefts and sewn them on the clips myself, none of these other options have been as high a quality as these.  These extensions are incredibly thick all the way down, and the hair is in great condition.  Check them out!