If you’re a blonde and you’ve ever purchased hair extensions you may know that they almost always carry a yellow-brassy tone.  This is because they are often bleached, but not properly toned.  If you do your own hair and don’t tone it, extensions may match your hair as they come.  But chances are, if you have your hair done there is some kind of toning process involved.

How to tone hair extensions gently and quickly. Anyone can do this at home to eliminate the brassy hues that often come with blonde hair extensions.

I recently received some hair extensions from Sweet Extensions and was ecstatic about the quality.  The hair is incredibly healthy and unlike all the other sets of extensions I have owned, these retain most of their thickness from root to tip.  They are, by far, the highest quality extensions I have ever owned.  However, the tone did not match the ashy tone of my own blonde.

As you may know from my post about how I highlight my hair, I’m a big fan of toner and purple shampoo.  I decided to try purple shampoo on the extensions before doing anything more drastic, and it worked!

It’s super easy to tone your own extensions at home to match a more natural blonde color.

Here’s what I did.

How to Tone Blonde Hair Extensions using Purple Shampoo.


1. Get out a tub to rinse the hair extensions and a good purple shampoo.  I recommend Shiny Silver.


2. Add a good amount of purple shampoo to some warm water and mix.


3. Carefully rinse one weft at a time in the tub.  It took less than a minute for the toning to take hold.

4. Remove weft and place in separate bowl to be rinsed with water and conditioned.  I used Joico K-Pak for this and it left the extensions in great condition.
You can already see how the weft has lost it’s brassiness.

5. After conditioning, let the hair extensions air dry, then style as desired.