Jamberry Nail Review and Giveaway

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Some of you may remember my post about an easy way to paint your own french tips.  Unfortunately, those babies didn’t last more than a couple of days.  Here’s the comparison after a week.

Right after my nails had started chipping, my friend Sylvia, who is a Jamberry consultant, offered me a sheet of Jamberrys in exchange for a review.  I jumped on the opportunity to compare their french tips to polish.  Here’s the comparison.
As you can tell, they lasted much longer than polish.  There was a very minimal amount of ware, but I was still getting just as much compliments the second week as I was the first.

My thoughts on Jamberry French Tips

My first thought was that I wish I had had this set on when I got married.  They looked so elegant, and yet natural in a way that acrylic nails never do.
This was my first time using Jamberry and I honestly think I choose the hardest pattern to apply.  Because I am very picky about where the french tip started and ensuring that the angle of the tip is even, it took me a really long time to apply them.  
I added a second Jamberry pattern on my index fingers and since it was just lace, it went on super fast.  I’m sure almost every other pattern will be a super fast application as they don’t have the placing requirement that french tips do.  
Though it looked great, I wouldn’t strongly recommend layering two Jamberrys on top of one another because it made it more prone to lifting.
I was really impressed with how easy they were to apply.  I also loved that they lasted so long without the damage that I get with acrylic.  I will definitely be using these again.

If you haven’t already, check out Provo Jamberry Nails Sitee and Facebook Page.
If you are interested in having Sylvia as your consultant or want to throw a Jamberry party, you can contact her by email at SylviaBGreen@gmail.com.
Good luck!
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  1. I would love vintage chic!

  2. I’d choose the Orchid Bouquet sheet. GORGEOUS!

  3. I would get the UNO MO MO. Love the mustaches for the nails!

  4. My favorite polish is by CND. It is called Vinylux. It is a one week polish, and it really lasts. I am SUPER hard on my nails, and it lasts a week. Makes me happy!

  5. If I win I am getting the sheet you have!!! so pretty! My email is perezashley60@hotmail.com. thank you!

  6. I’d pick the mint green and gold pinstripe. So cute!

  7. I love them! Now i want to try.

  8. Those are so gorgeous! I agree that they would be perfect for weddings!

  9. I like the mint lotus ones!

  10. Love this. I’ve been wanting to try them but didn’t know anyone who sold them. I love painted nails, but hate that they only last like a day before i ruin them. Thanks for sharing.

  11. it was so hard to pick! but I love orchid skinny!

  12. I love the MINT GREEN CHEVRON.

  13. Thanks for the chance! The next on my wish list is Cup of Tea.

  14. I love the ‘Born To Sparkle’ set. We’re a military family so the more patriotic the better! Thank you for your generosity and for the chance. :)

  15. I would get the Lotus design!

  16. I love the French tips!

  17. I like the simple white tip or mint/gold :)

  18. I would love the white tip short and the 4th of July ones!

  19. Absolutely awesome! I would be so proud if I could do something like this!!!!.Hair extensions davie

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