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  Lately, I’ve been playing around with some Krylon spray paint and thought I would try it on clothes.  But first I checked the Krylon website to make sure you can use it on fabric, they said yes.  Check out what they said here.
I wanted to give this blouse a little flair.  I got it for free at a swap meet, but felt it needed something.  I decided to go with some heart elbow patches.
To get started, I put on my shirt and marked where I wanted the patches to be centered with a pin.  Be careful to pin through the material and not yourself.
Pin to mark the spot for patches.
Next, I lined the sleeves with some contact paper to prevent bleeding. You could really use anything for this like cardboard, construction paper and so forth.  Just make sure it’s flat.
Contact paper inside sleeve.
I hand drew a heart, cut it out, and used it to create two identical cardboard stencils.
Each stencil was placed on the correct spot in preparation to be spray painted.
Don’t forget to cover the rest of the shirt and remove the pins!

Try to make sure that the fabric is as flat as possible and that the stencil is pressed firmly against it.  I would also recommend using some painters tape around the edges.  I wish I would have done that to give it a more definite line.

Once everything is ready, apply your first layer of spray paint. Note that I forgot to remove the pins so I had to do another coat.
Once the paint is as dark as you like, let it dry for 15 minutes and then it’s ready to wear!
Good luck if you choose to try it out!  If you have some left over spray paint,  you may also like my spray paint sunhat refashion.