This girl takes old, thrifted pieces and reworks them into stylish pieces.  She includes step-by-step tutorials.
You know how you make plans in life only to have them be changed drastically by your circumstances?  Like my goal as a 10-year-old to become an Olympic figure skater.  I had to quit that when I realized that I hated ice skating. Or my goal to have 13 children.  After one, I realized I don’t have that kind of mom capacity. And let’s not forgot my college goal of dating 100 boys (my mom’s prerequisite for getting married).  I had to give that up when boy #50 happened to be Mr. Right ( my mom said it was okay).  Sometimes we have to adapt to our environment and experience and give up something good for something better.
So is the case with the dress below.  I was originally planning on tailoring it to fit well while also altering the neckline.  However, after getting all pregnant and starting to show, I realized it would be a waste of time to try to tailor it to a changing body.  Instead, I decided on a box pleat skirt.
 I created this skirt to sit high on my ribcage, a part of me that doesn’t change sizing too much during pregnancy because of my height, so I can wear it these next few months, and, hopefully, after baby comes.
Box pleat skirt tutorial, includes step by step instructions

Box Pleat Tutorial

 First, I cut off the skirt from the original bodice.
The skirt above is what I started with in the box pleat tutorial diagram below.  You can use the instructions below on any oversized skirt, or you can use the steps to help you create a completely new skirt from scratch.  My lazy side opted to use a sash as a waistband instead of making a new one.  I attached it and left the ends so it ties in the back.
Step by step tutorial on how to take in a larger skirt by using box pleats.  Makes the math super simple.

I know the math involved in the planning seems a little crazy, but I promise this is actually quite easy.  Only took one of Camden’s naps.

Also, forgive the crappy graphics in the tutorial above.  I was trying something new, and won’t be doing that again.  We’ll just count that as another learning experience :)

The best part of this new skirt is that it gracefully glides over my bump so that I don’t look super pregnant.

Blog with tons of easy sewing ideas to create new pieces, or update old ones.
But the bump is definitely there!  I’m over halfway done after all :)
Box Pleat Skirt Tutorial.  Includes step-by-step instructions.
Top: H&M, sold out, similar
Skirt: Refashioned, from same estate sale as this skirt
Heels: Mart of China, sold out, similar
Extensions: Sweet Extensions

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