Labor Day Deals for 2014

Happy Labor Day!  Since this holiday celebrates the accomplishments workers have done for this country, feel free to enjoy some of your work with a little paycheck spending ;)

Tons of deals starting at $4.95.
I love this comfy sweatshirt (1) for $9.99 and these skinny jeans  (4) for $12.95.

Buy one, get one 50% off on lots of clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Including these ankle boots (7) I’m kind of in love with, and these riding boots. (6)

Old Navy
Everything is on sale, up to 50% off.
Free shipping on orders over $50.
This wrap dress (2) is only $12.  The graphic tee (3) is only $6, and they have tons of different styles and colors.  And this hoodie (5) is $10.00.

And for you thrifters, head into Savers to get 50% tons of items in the store.  Be prepared though, it will be a madhouse!