The simple way to take in sleeves in matter of minutes.
This tutorial is the quick and easy way to take in large sleeves.  It is not going to look as good as clothes that are professionally tailored, but if you are looking for a simple fix, this will do.  If you are looking for a more in depth tutorial, please scroll down and check out the link I left at the bottom.
I got this shirt at United Volunteers Thrift Store in Provo.  I wanted something really long that I could wear with leggings later on in the winter when I’m more pregnant.  Because I expect my bump to grow more, I didn’t want to take in the sides.  I took in the sleeves to make the shirt look less sloppy.  It’s amazing what altering sleeves can do for an entire piece.

Tutorial on how to take in sleeves quickly and easily

How to take in large sleeves:

1. Put shirt on inside out. 
2. Determine where you would like the new sleeve to fit, and pin above the bottom seam.
3. Remove shirt and sew where pinned.
4. Repeat for other sleeve.

Tutorial on how to take in large sleeves for a slimmer fit in minutes.

The yellow lines are where I sewed the new seam.  You’ll note that I tapered out so I didn’t have to take in the cuff, and I also tapered out the side seam to help better blend the new sleeve.

Once this was done, I tied up the excess fabric on the bottom of the shirt and got this.

How to take in large sleeves in minutes.

How to take in large sleeves in minutes

Helpful Reference:
JLTFK How to Tailor a Mens Shirt to a Womens
This is a step-by-step guide on how to completely take in a mens shirt.

I’m excited about the versatility of this top, and also to have something big and comfy to wear in the upcoming cold months.

Let me know if you try it out!