DIY! Elmers glue and rit dye halloween shirt. Love the ghost eyes.
 This project was originally shared on Pretty Providence. 
 We are getting really excited for Halloween over here!  Camden keeps pretending to trick-or-treat and even insisted on sleeping with his pumpkin bucket last night.  I love getting into the holidays and making the most of them, so I was all about making a fun shirt.  This project was relatively easy; and little ones will have so much fun if you let them help.
You’ll need:
Supplies for creating a one of a kind festive Halloween Shirt

This is so easy! First, draw your own ghosts with the glue on the shirt.  Be sure to have some cardboard between the shirt layers so it doesn’t leak through.  Let the glue dry overnight, then dye it in rit dye.  After dyeing and drying, glue on the eyes with E6000.  Once the eyes have set, it’s ready to go!

1. Use Elmers glue to draw ghosts allover shirt. 2. Let glue dry over night. 3. Mix dye, then dye shirt. 4. After shirt has dried, glue on eyes with E6000. 5. Enjoy!

My two year old son loves this shirt!  He thinks the wiggle eyes are hilarious and he had a blast helping me glue them on.  I’m so excited to wear this during Halloween.
DIY Halloween Shirt Tips:
  • The glue is soluble, so when you dye it, don’t use hot water and don’t leave it in very long.  I tried this once before and left the shirt in the dye bath for over an hour.  The glue dissolved and that resulted in none of the designs showing up.  This time around, I only left the shirt in the dye bath for 12 minutes.
  • Be sure to lay the glue on thick.  More glue = more dye resistance
  • Let the glue dry overnight before dyeing
  • Wear gloves or the rit dye will stain your hands
  • Tweezers are great for gluing on the eyes with E6000
Good luck if you try it!
PS:  If you have extra Rit Dye after this you may be inspired by this dress makeover, or this dye refashion.