Dining room after remodeling


Over the past year, my husband and I have been flipping a house.  After many runs to Home Depot, sometimes 4 or more times in a day, and many long nights, we are happy to finally be done.  Here’s a quick glance at some of our renovations.  Please forgive the bad quality of some of the “before” pictures.  Many of them are screenshots from the original listing that I took on my phone. Obviously, we weren’t living here when some of them were taken.


The bathroom 

Before and after remodeling a bathroom

We completely ripped out all of the shower tiles as well as the flooring.  We also removed and replaced the sinks, vanity, bathtub, and toilet.  We installed plumbing to make showers possible since the 100 year old house was only plumbed for baths.  We removed the old medicine cabinet, and finally, applied a fresh coat of paint.

Child’s Bedroom

Before and After renovating the bedroom

All this room needed was a serious paint job to cover up the ugly blue paint.

Before and After exterior remodel

We painted the exterior.  We also had a tree taken out in the front yard.  The porch was originally screened in.  We took all the screens and beams out for a more open feel.  The grass looks bad because we just installed a sprinkler system.

The Kitchen

Before and After kitchen remodel

We ripped out all of the cabinetry and replaced it.  We also added a backsplash, installed a dishwasher and disposal, and put in brand new stainless steel appliances.  We repaired the flooring where it was beginning to separate.  We also freshened up the paint.

The Living Room

Before and After living room remodel

In the living room, we removed the wall paper and repainted everything.  We tiled over the painted brick fireplace. We also removed the chandeliers and replaced them with more modern light fixtures.  We got rid of the curtains, and installed blinds. The cabinet doors over the built-in shelving were removed.

Master Bedroom and Nursery
Before and After bedroom remodel

We removed several layers of wallpaper, and repainted the room.  Although not pictured, we also expanded the closet and added a new door.

That’s it for now, but I might have some more to share later!


PS:   Although I say “we,” most of this labor was done solely by my amazing husband while I kept Camden safe and out of the way.  I would also like to thank all the family members who came over and helped in various ways.