DIY burlap wreath.  Takes less than 15 minutes and doesn't require any glue.


Hello Everyone,

Before we get to this cute burlap wreath, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!  This year the holiday is extra special for my husband and I because it’s also our 5 year anniversary.  Here’s a little throwback to celebrate:

wedding picture

Now onto the craft! I’m really excited to share this DIY burlap wreath with you because it is so easy!  It will make a great gift for the holidays, or just look really cute on your door.  The one pictured above cost just under $20 in supplies from Hobby Lobby.  If you want a cheaper version, you can get the supplies at Walmart for around $10, though the decorations won’t be as cute.  If you felt you have seen this before, you may have seen it when I shared it with Pretty Providence.

You’ll need:

1. Tie burlap in knot to secure to wreath frame. 2. Pull a loop through each section going from the inside out and then back again. 3. Repeat all the way around the frame. 4. Tie or tuck in the end. 5. Decorate with whatever you want!


DIY Burlap Wreath:

1. Tie end of burlap around inside of frame to secure.
2. Pull a loop of burlap out in between the wires.  You can choose how big or small to do it. Work your way outwards.
3. Repeat making loops back towards the center.  Continue around the entire frame.
4. Secure end of burlap by tucking it in or by tying a knot.
5. Add any decoration you want!

Since you don’t use any hot glue, you can easily change out the decorations for each season.  I love the versatility!

While trying to decide what kind of decorations I wanted to add to this burlap wreath, I discovered this wreath is incredibly popular on Pinterest.  That’s probably because it’s so easy to make!  After I made my own, I looked over some other tutorials.  Some people twist the loops to secure them, others alternate their loops to create specific patterns.  I’ve even seen some people who use two different colors of burlap to create a beautiful pattern.  Click here to see what others have done, and good luck!