* Update: I’m currently taking a little time off for the Christmas Holiday and Maternity Leave since I’m due the 25th. My goal is to be back the first week of January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!*
Use modge podge, paint, and burlap to create gift tags

The nice thing about being due on Christmas day is that everyone else is counting down for me.  With the holiday in tow, I’ve been busy trying to get all my wrapping done just in case the little guy decides to show up early.  In the past, I’ve never paid too much attention to my gift wrapping presentation, but this year I thought I’d go a different route.  My mom always said that “presentation is everything.”  Perhaps she’s right.  When you present things in a way that shows they are important to you, they are likely seen as important by others.

My mom has always been one to go overboard with presentation, just check out this cabin she made for the hallway outside of her classroom.  The windows are even closed off with lights inside.


Taking my mom’s advice to heart, I created these cute burlap gift tags.  The Mod Podge keeps them from fraying.  I didn’t have any presents on hand when I was doing this project, so the present you see wrapped is actually an empty box of high fiber brownies.  I don’t think an empty box of high fiber brownies has ever looked better, am I right?

Use modge podge, paint, and burlap to create gift tags


You will need:

Tutorial on how to make burlap gift tags.  1. Cut out tag, and paint on whatever message you want. 2. After it dries, coat it in modpodge to prevent fraying. 3. Hole punch it for easy wrapping. 4. Done!

DIY Burlap Gift Tags:

1. Cut out desired tag shapes
2. Paint whatever message or label you want.  I prefer to use stencils.
3. After it dries, coat front and back with Mod Podge.  This prevents fraying.
4. Once dry, use a hole puncher to make a hole for easy wrapping.
5. Wrap and enjoy!

Use modge podge, paint, and burlap to create gift tags


  • You can actually paint the design before or after you Mod Podge.  If you do it before, you may want to touch it up after to darken it a little.
  • Stencils are much easier than free-handing since the burlap is so rough.
  • Don’t try to hole-punch the burlap until after it’s mod podged.
  • After the Mod Podge has dried, you can cut new straighter lines if your tag has frayed.




PS: This tutorial was originally posted as a guest post on Pretty Providence.