DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial featured by top US sewing blogger, Kara Metta.
I’m really excited about today’s tulle skirt tutorial.  This just might be the most feminine thing I have ever made and I love it!  I was born with a natural appreciation for tulle.  I remember being 7 and wanting nothing more than a fancy tulle skirt for Christmas.  And let’s not forget the fact that I wore a refashioned tulle wedding dress to my senior prom.  It was big, it was overkill, it was 13 layers of tulle awesomeness.

So imagine how excited I was when tulle skirts came back in full force.  I’ve had this tulle skirt tutorial on my docket for months.  That’s why I immediately asked for tulle when I got a chance to collaborate with Online Fabric Store.    They were nice enough to send me 40 yards of tulle, so be prepared to see lots of it.

DIY Tulle Skirt Tutorial featured by top US sewing blogger, Kara Metta.

I already knew the basic concept of making a circle skirt, but I wanted to do it the laziest… I mean “most efficient” way possible.  I looked over a ton of tutorials, I’ll link to some awesome ones at the end, but none were quite as basic as what I did–which may be an indication that I did something wrong.   Oh well, I like the end result. I think the trick to making this tulle skirt tutorial easy is to make sure your bolt of fabric is wide enough that you can cut complete circles instead of having to cut semicircles and stitching them together.  I’m going to share a pictorial of what I did, then add some more details. The basic concept is making a circle skirt, so if you want easy directions on that, I’ve prepared a free downloadable e-book on circle skirts  you can get by clicking below. You’re welcome :)
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