Our family in San Diego circa 2013

Our family in San Diego circa 2013

Over six years ago I sat with Michael on Y mountain overlooking Utah Valley.  We were dating at the time.

“How do you feel about moving?” Michael asked me. I responded that I was fine with it.  I love adventure, and my experience moving from Sandy, Utah to Allen, Texas in high school changed the course of my life for the better.

“Good,” he replied.

Michael grew up military and moved 16 times before high school.  Moving to him is second nature. The conversation went on to talk about all the different and diverse places in this world that we could one day end up.

Fast forward to present time, we’re still in Utah.  We love it here.  Skiing, dirt biking, boating, paragliding, rock climbing, snowboarding, racing, water parks, hiking…pretty much every activity we like to do or would ever want to do is here.  Our friends are here.  Most of our family is here.  But in the last week, something has changed.

Last week Michael received a job offer to work in Newport Beach, California.

The decision to accept the job isn’t something we took lightly.  In fact, after we officially chose to go, we officailly chose to not go.  This kept happening over and over again.  We would tell our friends we were moving one day, and then say that we were staying the next.  This decision was exhausting.  But after a while, we slowly began to realize more and more that something is pulling us to California, and that is where we need to go.

So, for the record, our decision has been made.  We are for sure, officially, one-hundred percent, moving to California.

In a week from tomorrow.  On February 11th.

We will greatly miss our awesome friends and family here.  (Please come visit us!) But we are excited for what the future has in store.

Of course, I did a little research and made sure I would be okay living there. The LA Temple is about an hour away, so not as close, but still doable. (UPDATE: I was just informed that there is a Newport Temple!!!)

One of the first things I did was check that I would be close to a Sally’s Beauty Supply so I can still highlight my own hair.

Photo cred: google maps

That shouldn’t be an issue. Then I checked the weather.

Photo cred: iphone weather ap

Also not an issue.

Then I asked Camden how he felt about moving to the beach.  He said it would be fun because he could get seashells.  He’s actually been asking about seashells for a few weeks ever since he saw a Netflix episode of Caillou where his family goes to the beach.

Finally, I went to check that people would want to visit us there, but then I remembered that it is in California, so I didn’t waste my time.

And basically, I have come to the conclusion that I’m ready for this change.  We’re ready for this change.  So here we go!


PS:  Feel free to pass on any advice on California/moving.