Before and after dress refashion by While Camden Sleeps

As you may know, this last week I moved to California!  It’s been so much fun to have a change of climate and be so close to the ocean.  We’ve been spending all our time unpacking and hitting up the beach.  Camden loves the sand and water.  He keeps making friends with every kid he sees.  I think he’s going to do well here.

I originally wanted to post this dress before Valentines’ Day, but life got in the way.  These are the last “after” pictures from Utah, so prepare for some new backdrops coming your way.

I got this dress from the DI a while back.  You may remember it from this post about some of my “befores.”

About this dress:
Store: Deseret Industries
Price: $12
Brand/Designer: Unknown
Sizing: Unknown (several sizes too big)

The first thing I did was separate the top from the bottom at the waist. I then altered the original skirt to fit my body as a dress.  To do this, I simply took in the back seam.  I did this with the lining and the lace separately.

Taking in the back seam of a dress

This is what the new seam looked like.

Taking in a dress by taking in only the back seam

For the top, I cropped the original top right under the armpit.  I took in the sides and the sleeves.  I also added a dart to the neckline to reduce how wide it spread across my shoulders.

Refashion alterations. Orange: dart to take in neckline. Blue: where the top was cropped. Green: where the sleeves where taken in

All that was left was to baste the lace and lining of the skirt together, then add them to the top.  Here’s how it turned out.  Don’t mind the cameo by my little man :)

While Camden Sleeps pink dress refashion

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