How to Tint Eyebrows with Refectocil, a beauty tutorial featured by top US lifestyle blogger, Kara Metta | How to dye your eyebrows at home. How is it this easy?!?! Before and after with refectocil.

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A while ago, I wrote a post about how I tinted my eyebrows.  Since then, I have started using Refectocil instead of the other product I recommended, and it is so much easier to use!  See the before and after picture above. I was asked to share how I tint my brows by a friend recently, and it’s so easy that I decided to make a short video of how I do it.  That, and I want to redeem myself from that former post I’m about to go and delete.

Please don’t mind the rookie film quality, or the fact that my camera tries to refocus whenever I move away. And as a side note, the Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows.

How to tint your eyebrows using Refectocil:


Supplies Needed to Tint your Eyebrows with Refectocil:

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (NATURAL BROWN) .5oz
Ion Sensitive Scalp 10 Volume Creme Developer 32 oz.

Eyelashes worn in video:

Ardell Fashion Lashes Strip Lashes 120 Black -(4 Pack)