Three reasons to try fabric dye
Most of what I do involves sewing, but in the past couple of months, I’ve been loving the dramatic changes that can be made by using dye.  This stuff can literally save you from having to toss out old clothing by making it look new again, like the dress above.  Can you believe that’s the same dress in both pictures?  Now that I’ve done this several times, I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of the projects I’ve used it on.

Red Dye

This is the project I did for the Tag’s Thrift competition.  I loved how the red not only changed the color of the dress, but toned down the flashy pattern.


Blue Dye

The original dress below had yellowed with age, the dye gave it some new life. ( I am pregnant in the pictures above and below.)

Using dye to update clothing

Golden Rod Dye

The dress below had hideous yellow stains, the dye allowed me to conceal them without throwing out the dress.

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Dye is also great for freshening up faded color such as jeans or black shirts that have lost their color.

DSC_0593I typically use RIT Dye, but I have used Dylon  Dye in the past with success too. RIT is at most grocery stores, but the biggest selection is typically at JoAnns.

You can expect to see some more dye in the future.  I just can’t keep my hands off of this stuff!