I’m really going to miss the beach when we’re back in Utah. We plan on going there as much as possible before we move. Here are a few things I recommend from experience.

1. A sturdy beach bag. It’s going to take a beating, so you don’t want to waste your money on anything flimsy.
2. Good sunscreen. Self explanatory.
3. Chapstick with sunscreen. Have you ever sunburned your lips? Not fun.
4. UV Protection Hairspray. I have noticed that sun and salt water have terribly dried out my hair, take the precaution and don’t let it happen to you.
5. Restorative Mask. I love the one shown above, it has done wonders for my hair.
6. Comfy flip-flops. You will never park close to the beach, which means lots of walking. Invest in some good flip flops.
7. A cute coverup. I love the one I made, but the one pictured above looks dressy enough to go out in directly after leaving the beach.
8. Sunglasses. Did you know you can sun burn your eyes? Been there, done that, don’t recommend it.
9. Beach hat. Great for protecting your hair and your face. Mine also shades the baby’s face when I hold him, which is a plus.

Not pictured: Baby Powder. That stuff is phenomenal for getting sand off of little hands before eating. I always take it to the beach. Camden and I call it magic lotion. It absorbs all the water and makes the sand wipe off easily without irritating the skin.

Any other beach essentials you recommend?