5 great sewing service projects so you can get your humanitarian aid on!I went to a church activity that revolved around humanitarian crafts last night and it inspired this post.  There are so many great opportunities out there, that I wanted to spread the word. With all of the social media we use these days, it’s easy to get caught up in ourselves as we count the likes we get or the comments we receive.  I think it’s necessary for us to give service to others in order to maintain balance and a proper perspective on life.  If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve been blessed to be born into a first world country, that you’ve never had to go barefoot for lack of shoes, or wonder where your next meal would come from.  Take advantage of that blessing by using it as an opportunity to serve. Here are some great humanitarian craft projects:

1. Dress a Girl Around the World

This organization collects dresses to give to girls in need from around the world.  They have patterns on their website that are easy to follow.  Dresses can even be made from gently used pillow cases.  For many of the recipients, the dress they receive from this organization will be the only new dress they ever get in their lives. The dresses can be made from start to finish in under 2 hours (depending on skill level).  Below is a video that was made by a group of girls who received dresses from this humanitarian craft project.

2. Sole Hope

This organization began when a women in the US learned about a huge problem with a parasite called jiggers.  These are tiny sand fleas that infest the bare feet of young children in Africa.  When left untreated, the feet may become infected and may eventually end up paralyzed or amputated. To solve this problem, they have created a shoe that will protect the children’s feet.  The shoes are made from old jeans that are donated and cut here in the US, and then brought to Africa where they are constructed by women who are paid to do so.  Thus the shoes not only prevent infestation by the jiggers, but provide an income for families as well. I have included a video below that shows the damage caused by the jiggers. It is considered “graphic” because of the wounds that are shown, so watch it with discretion.

3. Project Linus

This charity collects blankets and gives them out to children in shelters, hospitals, or other difficult situations.  They look for “blanketeers” to make the blankets they hand out.  On their website, they have a collection of patterns you can use to make a blanket.  There are chapters of this organization in every state if you want to get connected.


4. American Hero Quilts

This organization gives beautiful, extensive, and patriotic hand-made quilts to wounded service men and women.  If you are good at quilting, this is a great cause to participate in.  They have a list of requirements the quilts must fulfill, with an emphasis in quality because they want them to be meaningful to the recipients.

5. Sew for Foster Kids

When a home is deemed unsafe for children, the kids are escorted by a CPS representative to get their belongings before they are placed in foster care.  The children often only have a black garbage bag to pack their things in.  Rather than have them use garbage bags, many volunteers have made simple, but decorative bags for the children to put their things in.  These bags are simple and quick to make for sewers on any level. Definitely a great humanitarian craft project for any age!


Happy Serving!