Well, first and foremost, we are moving back to Utah.  I know what you’re thinking, “Are you serious, you just moved to California?” And you’re right.  We did.  A  month and a half ago.  So why the sudden change?  My husband received a great offer from his old employer in Utah.  (You may recall that we had a very difficult time deciding to leave that company in the first place.)   After many conversations, and late night discussions, we have decided that returning is the direction we want to take.  So come April 28th, we will be back in Utah! (I’ve missed you Sodalicious!)

Why did we come to California then? Honestly, we came out here intending to be here as long as the job was here.  But I think it has been a learning experience for our whole family that we couldn’t have gotten any other way.  When I asked Michael to give me two good things that resulted from us coming to California, even for this short time, he listed off ten reasons without any hesitation.

However, all of this pretty much means that our lives are crazy-pants right now.  Today alone, we officially closed on our Utah house, and tried to put an offer on another house in Utah (that we’ve never seen in person). Unfortunately, the house we were about to put an offer on was taken off the market because the builder decided to use it as his model home.  Boo.  Oh well, back to searching the internet over and over again.  I can’t complain though, because my internet searching brought me to this discovery:

Someone made a real life replica of the house from Up!

Screen shot of house from Google Earth.

Do you know what that is? It’s a life-size replica of the house from Up and I found it while looking up a future potential neighborhood on Google Earth. At first, I thought, “Who the heck would build that crazy house?!” Until I got a closer look and realized what it was, then my thoughts changed to, “Who built this and why aren’t we best friends?”
If you haven’t seen the movie Up, I strongly recommend it. It has more emotion and power in the first 10 minutes than any of the Twilight movies have in their entirety.

Camden was hilarious today.  I least I think he is, for being 2 years old.

Me: (Trying to get him to stay in our apartment.) Camden, please don’t go outside.  Stay with me.  Don’t you love me?
Camden: Mom, I will love you in just a few minutes. Okay.  Just two minutes. (leaves to follow his dad outside)

Camden (out of no where): Mom, cut my hair.    I just want to be bald.

Camden goes potty, exits the bathroom and announces: Mom!  I put my foot in the water hole in the potty! (His feet are wet. Not so funny at the time. Ended in a bath.)

With all the “Are-we-moving-are-we-not-moving?” stuff going on, I’ve fallen behind on my sewing, but I have decided to make a dress using the pattern and fabric below.

Let me know what dress you recommend for the fabric pictured.  Keep in mind that either sleeve can be used on any of the dresses.

Today was busy in part because we had the missionaries over for dinner.  If you aren’t a Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon, missionaries are members of our church who dedicate a portion of their lives to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are various kinds of missionaries in our church, but the best-known are the young proselytizing missionaries.  Boys can can serve at age 18 and girls at age 19.  Boys typically serve for two years, and girls for 18 months. Tonight, the missionaries that came over shared a video about the Savior with us that I want to share with you since it’s Easter season, and because I consider it to be the most important message I can ever share.

Happy Easter!  He lives!