Where to get nursing bras for under $6 including shipping.  She reviews different bras and let's you know which to avoid and which are great.  Her favorite is currently $4 flat.  Save some $$$

Just before I had Eli, I realized I seriously needed some nursing bras.  For some crazy reason, I thought I could use any bra as a nursing bra when I had Camden and I ended up destroying a bunch of my good bras by stretching them in order to get access to nurse.  I looked up bras on Ebay and saw that there were some super cheap nursing bras from China.  I’m talking like $3 with shipping.  I was a bit cautious about it at first, but then realized that $3 wasn’t much of a gamble, so I went ahead and ordered 5 bras.  Here’s the lowdown on what worked and what didn’t along with what I recommend.

*Please note that colors, sizes, and pricing often change.  If you can’t find what you want when you click on the link, try searching for it in the search bar.

1. Gray Polka Dots, $3.99 also found on Amazon hereWhere to find tons of inexpensive nursing bras

I saw this bra on Amazon as well and read some great reviews.  This is, hands down, the most comfortable nursing bra of the bunch.  It also happens to be one of the cheapest.  It’s all a soft cotton and the straps have some padded for extra comfort.  The soft cups makes them tremendously comfortable.  I also love the snap in the middle that gives you some extra room to help your baby nurse.  This was the only bra I could handle wearing during the first weeks’ engorgement. My favorite by far, and there are a few colors.  Seriously, get it!

2. Pink and Feminine, $6.64

Where to find tons of inexpensive nursing brasI bought this one because I wanted to have at least one nursing bra that was `pretty and feminine.   This one definitely fit the bill, though it is a little over the top.  I tried it on when I was first nursing and it wasn’t very comfortable.  Probably because I was  a lot bigger than normal.  After a month of nursing, when things settled down, I tried it on again and it was wonderful!  The cups are a little stiffer so you need to fold them down after you unhook them from the strap, but it’s really not a big deal.  It ended up being very comfortable and even came with a band extension to add 2-3 more inches in band width incase it was too small.

3.Black and Lacey, $6.64 Where to find tons of inexpensive nursing bras

This one is pretty similar to the pink bra above, but a little more on the subtle side.  It also came with a band extender (pictured).  I also find this to be quite comfortable and I love that it doesn’t look like a frumpy nursing bra.  Definitely another recommend here.  Also in more colors.


A review of super inexpensive nursing bras from China.  Great way to save $$$

I thought the bras above looked so comfortable that I ordered two.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like them at all.  It may be my fault though as I think I ordered too small of a size forgetting how sizes change when you nurse.  Every time I put one of these on, the snaps come undone because they are super cheap.  The cups were also way too close together making the bra both look and feel like a training bra for a young girl.  I would recommend passing on these.

Overall,  I would definitely recommend bras 1-3, you really can’t go wrong if you can find your size!

* Shipping takes longer than usual.  I think I got most of mine within 2-3 weeks.  If you are really busty, you probably won’t be able to find the right size, sorry!