5 Tricks to make your clothing last longer. #4 is so true.5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

1. Read the care label.

Ways to make your clothes last longer. You probably already know this, but that care label inside your favorite dress is there for a reason. If it says “dry clean only” you really shouldn’t wash it at home. I learned this lesson the hard way, especially on 100% cotton shirts. I’ve even had fabric melt on me in the dryer because it was too delicate for the heat. Find the label and follow it! In fact, make an effort to read the label before you buy something, that way if you know you aren’t ever going to take things to the dry cleaners, you can avoid buying them in the first place. Plus, it will help you avoid buying the shirt pictured above.

  1. Be careful where you sit.

Ever had one of those days? 5 ways to make your clothing last longer. This may seem silly, but sitting on surfaces like rough cement, grass, dirt, or old and splintering wood can really play a number on your items. Especially cement. I can’t tell you how many swimsuit bottoms I’ve lost due to the pilling caused by rough cement surfaces. The same goes for tights, leggings, and spandex in general. Always bring a towel with you to sit on at the pool, and look out for potential stains anytime you go to sit down. Also be careful of armrests. My husband managed to tear open the pocket seams of his dress slacks twice because they got caught on the armrests when he stood up.

  1. Take extra caution when a stain occurs.

5 Ways to make your clothing last longer.  Use a good detergent! Definitely worth the investment. It is worth the 3 seconds it takes to Google how to treat a specific stain. I’ve had some really good luck lately by pretreating the stains I get by simply applying laundry detergent directly on the stain before washing the item. I love method laundry detergent for this. It’s extremely effective for colors and brightening whites. It also smells amazing, my favorite is Ginger Mango. It is biodegradable, recyclable,  and hypoallergenic.  Pretty much the super hero of laundry detergents. You also get a ton of it for you money because it’s highly concentrated. One bottle gets you 66 loads.They are doing a fun collaboration with ASOS right now you should check out here. You can also get $3 off by using promo code THREEFORME from here.

4. Use a garment bag to protect your fragile items.

fabricKnow those little clasps at the back of your bras? They will find and destroy any delicate item they can wrap their little claws around. Always fasten these closures, and protect the bra itself by using a garment bag. It may be wise to hand wash your bras if you have the time. I also recommend using your garment bag for washing thin leggings, tops with lace, and pieces with crochet detailing or sequins.  I’ve been amazed at how easily sequins manage to wrap themselves up in loose threads in the wash.  Be sure to get those in the garment bag if washing, and hang them to dry.

  1. Mend damage ASAP!

method mendWhen a seam opens or a hole is formed, time is of the essence. Make it a priority to stitch up the damage before it spreads. It will also save you from forgetting about it, then putting it on later only to be embarrassed by the rip that you didn’t fix. This one is pretty self-explanatory, and yet, many people just don’t put in the effort.  This can really save your clothes, so don’t delay!

Making clothing last

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