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Hey Friends,

You may remember the old white skirt from a post a little while back.  I kept changing my mind on what I wanted to do with it, until I found some beautiful sequined tulle fabric at the swap meet in Huntington Beach.  I originally planned on sewing the tulle directly onto the skirt, but then I realized that it would be easier to make it a separate piece.  This also allows me to pair it with other skirts if I want to.sequin layout

To make the overlay, I first determined how long I wanted the tulle to be.

sequin spreadOnce I determined the right length, I cut straight across.  The resulting shape was a rectangle.  Because tulle is so thin, I didn’t worry about taking it in at all by the waist.  I kept the fabric cut as a rectangle, and sewed a seam to close it into a tube.  Finally, I make a casting for an elastic band.  Once the band was threaded through, I closed the elastic band, and then hemmed the skirt. All that was left to do was to wear it over the old skirt.  Bam!

Gorgeous sequin skirt Love the ombre sequin skirt Mountain backdrop

Special thanks to my photographer: DeAnna Adele

Sweater: Old, similar

Skirt: Made by me!

Belt: Amazon

Shoes: Similar