DSC_0642The Concept

One of my favorite things about blogging is the creative community is revolves around. I had so much fun collaborating with the other girls on this themed-shoot. It’s fun to see the realization of someone’s vision come to life. Ashley Shippen, the photographer behind this shoot, came up with the idea to do a woodsey bohemian picnic setting–and I love how it materialized.

Boho chic picnic

Boho chic picnic

The Dress

After sewing a bohemian outfit for the Boho Chic challenge on Refashion Runway, I wanted something that would take a little less work for this shoot. I ended up finding the most beautiful dress on Modcloth. I just recently discovered Modcloth, and I can honestly say, it’s one of my new favorite stores.  That’s saying a lot, because I’m not much of a shopper. I see Modcloth as a more affordable, and more vintage-inspired version of Anthropologie. Plus, they carry sizes all the way up to 4XL, and have excellent customer service. I was able to easily return some shoes I ordered that were too small, and when one item came with a little issue, they were so kind and completely helped me out. They also have tons of reviews on the different items, many of which have pictures of what they look like on real people.  Not that models aren’t real people, I’m just meaning everyday, no photo-shop people.  So you really get to see what it’s going to look like.

I got an email today saying you can use code: k17f9sB to get 15% off your entire order. I have my eye on this boho tunic and this vintage styled dress.

formal bohemian dress

The Alterations

I only needed to do two things:
–Add about 5 inches to make it knee-length.
I’m 5’9 so a shorter girl would probably be fine. Of course, if you don’t mind shorter lengths, you’re already good to go.
–Line the top.
I like more coverage, and also didn’t want to have to worry about bra straps showing. Again, this alteration is preference based, not something everyone would need to do.

I’ll post more about my alterations, including the fabric used, later in the week.

Formal Boho Chic dress and floral crown

The Make-Up And Accessories

My make-up was done by the talented Rachel Jenkins.  She’s a wizard with eyeshadow, and incredibly easy to talk too.  She’s also from Texas,  so we bonded over that. I’m confident that she could do anyone’s makeup with ease while making them feel comfortable and at home.  On top of all this, she’s a smoken’ babe too :)

The floral crown was custom made by The Lovely Ave.  She’s makes these things out of PAPER!  It kind of blew my mind.  Pretty sure the only thing I’ve ever made out of paper are paper planes.

My bracelet and earrings are from a small boutique company called Rock and Bone.  They focus on  bohemian styles that are both high in quality and in originality.

Bohemian makeupThe Ladies

I was lucky enough to collaborate with some very kind and thoughtful women.

From left to right below we have Emily from Lovely Deseret / Sandy from Sandy a la Mode /and Whit from Whitjxoxo

Check out their blogs for their personal outfit details.


bohemian picnic

Behind the Scenes
I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about this collaboration
-The pictures were taken at a field right next to my house. People were literally driving by and watching us the whole time.
-All of the desserts are from The Chocolate Dessert Cafe.
-The table pictured is my actual kitchen table that we drove over to the field and carried in.
-It began to rain at the very end and we had to bust it to get out of there
-It was so cold, we all huddled between shots to stay warm.
-My husband took my kids for a walk past the field while we were taking pictures, and Camden keep screaming,”It’s raining! You need to leave!  It’s not safe!”
Boho chic picnic


Boho chic picnic

Boho chic dresses

Boho chic picnic
Until next time,
Boho chic picnic