Adding length to a dress in a way that blends with the dress.

When I saw this dress on the Modcloth website, I instantly fell in love.  I knew it would be a little short, and that the top was sheer, but I also knew that I would find a way to make it meet my needs.  I was a little surprised at how hard adding length to a dress could be.  I ended up at JoAnn’s for over a hour just trying to figure out how I wanted to add the length that I wanted.  My first idea was to add a layer of pleated tulle to the bottom.  When I finished.  I hated it. It added too much poof to the bottom.

Adding length to a dressI then went through all the trim, lace, and fabric I had laying around that could potentially match.

Adding length to a dress

Because I wanted the original beading of the dress to be the focus, I went with the most subtle option, which was the nude knit fabric. I found it at JoAnn’s, you can find it here the color I got is called “nude.”
Adding length to a dress without ruining the original look.

I used this same fabric to create a lining for the top. This not only added a little more coverage, but made it easy to wear a bra without worrying about the straps showing. I used the beaded neckline to help me draw the curve of the lining so it would sit exactly where I wanted it. Because it’s knit fabric, I only hemmed the neckline, but left the sleeves and bottom seam raw. You’ll notice that the bottom isn’t very even. I didn’t worry about it since I knew it would not be showing.
Lining a dress for more coverage.
Once the length was extended, and the top lined, I was ready to go! You can see more pictures of this dress here, but I wanted to show off the neckline, so I took this picture with my hair up.


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Adding length to a dress